Monday, July 23, 2012

Budget Friendly Jewelry HAUL!

Hi beauties, today I have a jewelry haul to share with you all. Everything I purchased is from and it was purchased with my own money. I heard about this website on youtube, I came across a few videos of vloggers who were sent acouple pieces for review. It sparked my interest and I went to the website. Everything is super affordable, so it sparked my interest right away. Today I'm going to show you each piece that I bought along with my opinion.


This necklace immediately caught my eye! OWL! I am obsessed with Owls :D This one was only only $.99 so it was an amazing deal. I have seen something similar to this at the mall, but those were around $10 and yes, that is too much for me to pay ahahaha, I can be a cheapskate at times, I admit. I really like this quality of this piece. Link to it:

I can't seem to find this one on the website anymore, but I know for a fact that it was less than $5. I knew I had to have it when I saw it. It's just too cute! I thought the chain would be metal, but to my surprise it's actually some kind of plastic material. I'm not sure how durable this one will be but I love it nonetheless.

This one was $4.99 and again, I got it because of the owl in the center. I love charm necklaces, this one has an owl, a bow, a flower and a little ball. The chain is the same material as the bird necklace.
Link to it:

This lovely flower statement bracelet was only $2.99! I have no complaints, it's a beautiful piece.
Link to it:

This is a super cute pearl charm bracelet. It has a heart, a star, and an anchor. This one was $3.99. When I saw this on the website I thought the charms would be metal and that it would be quite heavy. The charms are plastic and the bracelet is very lightweight, I think I like it this way much much better. I cannot stand anything heavy on my wrist.
Link to it:

This set comes with ten pieces and it's $4.99. All of them do look very cute together but I would never wear all of them at a time unless I wanted to annoy myself and everyone around me. I like to wear the pieces separately.
Link to it:

This is a boho style wrap around bracelet and this was $2.39. I love it! I featured this one in my latest OOTD video, go check it out!
Link to it:

This are Vintage Hollowed-out Waterdrop Stud Earrings for $2.99. I wanted them in black because they look more polished in my opinion, but they sent them in white. Oh well, no biggie, I still do like them.
Link to it:

More owls? YES! These are small owl stud earrings and I'm in love with them and have featured these on my instagram (@makeupwithcinthia). My only issue with the earrings is that they come with plastic backings, I'm sure those will be destroyed soon and I'll have to go buy different backings for them.

I want to briefly talk about shipping. I knew it would take quite some time because they do come all the way from China. It took me about 3 weeks and a half to get my package, I didn't mind too much to be honest. So if you plan on making an order please keep this in mind! Also, you get free shipping on orders over $15. Would I order from this website again? I think so, I love me some cute budget friendly jewelry and I don't mind the wait.

Thank you for reading <3